Workplace Revolution w/Erin Grau

July 20

Workplace Revolution w/Erin Grau

To celebrate our relaunch, we are hosting a 'Fireside Chat' with the one and only Erin Grau. She's the co-founder and COO of Charter, a media and services company that aims to transform every workplace. She's also a "founding mother" o the new advocacy organization, Chamber of Mothers.

You may know Erin because she shared her story with us back in 2019 about advocating and getting better paid family leave at The NYTimes. If you missed it, or want to jog your memory, go back and listen to the Double Shift episode "Paid Leave, We Can Do Better," and the followup episode we made about Double Shifters who were galvanized to advocate for better policies by listening to Erin's story.  She has been inspiring Double Shifters for years with her tactical prowess and determination to make workplaces better for moms and caregivers. And now with her new company, Erin is on the forefront of promoting ideas about workplace change around the country. Join me in conversation with Erin as we talk tactics, and why she believes there's so much more we need to change so much more about our workplaces beyond family leave policy. And of course, take your questions!

In celebration of our relaunch, this event which would typically be for members-only is open to all. RSVP here. Members will be automatically invited and will get an audio version of the conversation in their feeds the week after the event.


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