Paid Leave: We Can Do Better.

Paid Leave: We Can Do Better.

The paid family leave situation in America is so bad, mothers are conditioned to think that we’re “lucky” to get ANY time off at all to care for a new baby or adopted child. Erin Grau was a New York Times employee who wasn’t satisfied with “good enough” parental leave. So, along with a determined group of women, she fought to make it better for everyone at her company.

Additional interview with Claire Cain Miller, reporter for the Upshot at the New York Times.

In addition to Erin, Rebecca Grossman-Cohen, Alex Hardiman, Christine Hung, and Alex MacCallum worked to improve the New York Times’ parental leave policy.

Additional field production on this episode by Molly Nugent.

Photo on the right by Graham MacIndoe for Nieman Reports.


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Where are the Mothers?” Read host Katherine Goldstein’s original reporting about how the women at the New York Times improved their parental leave.

Making the case for parental leave with reporting from Claire Cain Miller:

Read The NYTimes Parenting Section’s Guide to negotiating for parental leave:

Making Motherhood Work: How Women Manage Careers and Caregiving, By Caitlyn Collins

Additional organizations that support parental leave advocacy:

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