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Families Face a Mental Health Crisis. We Already Know The Solution.

Romper, April 12th, 2022

An under-explored benefit of the CTC was an immediate improvement in mental well-being, most especially for families experiencing financial precarity.

"The Open Secret of Anti-Mom Bias at Work"

NYTimes, May 16, 2018

"We’re witnessing a flood of stories condemning gender discrimination in the workplace. But bias against mothers remains casual and unapologetic."

“It’s Time to Retire the Phrase, ‘Working Mom.’”

Romper, Sep 21, 2021

Mothering, like all parenting, is work. If anyone was unaware of this fact before the pandemic, 18 months of watching moms nearly drown under the weight of the effort has driven the point home.

“‘I thought it was going to break me:’ Covid’s brutal toll on working mothers.”

The Guardian, Feb 24, 2021

As we near the first anniversary of the Covid shutdowns we put faces to these large, faceless statistics. These are the stories of five mothers with young children who have been laid off, pushed out, unable to find work – battling circumstances far beyond their control as they work to keep their families afloat.

Stop Saying Women “Dropped Out of The Workforce. We Were Pushed.

Romper, Nov 10th 2020

“Now more than ever, the media feeds our worst beliefs about working motherhood.”

“Worried parents have become an easy target for online misinformation in this pandemic.”

Vox News, Aug 6, 2020

“It turns out there is indeed something scarier than being told to stay in your house as much as possible: being tasked to make all of our own risk calculations and decisions about a pandemic that’s still far from under control.”

“American Moms: Let’s Stop Feeling Guilty and Start Getting Mad.“

The Guardian, Feb 13, 2019

“Mothers are right to be feeling some pretty intense emotions about the hand we’re dealt. But instead of bonding together in righteous fury, I hear a lot more talk about “mom guilt.”

The Mothers Of America Need A Bailout. This Could Be The Answer.

HuffPost, July 05, 2020

"To keep mothers sane and in the workforce ... we need a much larger public policy solution ― such as a new national 'CareCorps.'"

“I was a Sheryl Sandberg Superfan. Then her Lean In Advice Failed Me.”

Vox, Dec 6, 2018

"I believe telling mothers to raise their hands and try harder in the open sea of hostility we face in the workplace is like handing a rubber ducky to someone hit by a tsunami."


What Sheryl Sandberg’s ‘Lean In’ Has Meant to Women

Quoted on Sheryl Sandberg's Resignation from Meta


The high-profile executive’s decision to leave Meta is also a moment to reflect on the impact of her best-selling book and philosophy about success in the workplace.

Exhausted, stressed, drained: It’s 'déjà vu' for moms as school year begins amid COVID surge —

Quoted on need for childcare infastructure.

Good Morning America

"Moms say they are not only feeling exhausted but also frustrated that they are facing the prospect of a third school year upended by COVID-19 with marginally more support in place than when the pandemic began."

Biden’s plan to make America less terrible for parents

On how parents have lacked support.


The social safety net for American families is almost nonexistent. Could that be about to change?

The problem with “mom boss” culture

Quoted on how motherhood is not solved with life hacks.


Mommy blogs and influencers are monetizing the horrible working conditions of motherhood.

Working Moms Are Struggling. Here’s What Would Help.

Quoted on how non-mothers can help support moms.


We’re witnessing a flood of stories condemning gender discrimination in the workplace. But bias against mothers remains casual and unapologetic.

‘The mom shame is so real’: There’s no way to win in the pandemic

Quoted on the taboo of podding during the pandemic.

The Lily

Whatever you do, you’re made to feel bad about it.

This podcast gives voice to working moms of all kinds—including sex workers

On Katherine's podcast The Double Shift.

Fast Company

From political candidates to punk rockers, “The Double Shift” reflects the wide range of working mothers fighting for equality and work-life balance. Founder and host Katherine Goldstein explains her vision for the show.

The Double Shift Documents Working Motherhood Without Sentimentality

On what led Katherine to her new podcast.


When the journalist Katherine Goldstein became pregnant in 2014, she was on a career hot streak.

New Podcast 'The Double Shift' Explores What It Means To Be A Working Mom

On the range of moms heard on the podcast.


Korva Coleman talks to Katherine Goldstein about her new podcast, which looks at the lives of working mothers and childcare issues.