Building a Movement for Paid Leave

Building a Movement for Paid Leave

Changing workplaces to make them substantially better for moms and caregivers is, in fact, possible.

Inspired by our show on paid family leave back in 2019, we hear from some Double Shift listeners who fiercely advocated for -- and got -- better paid family leave at their companies.

We are closer than ever before to getting federally funded paid leave for everyone. This is so important, but it’s just one part of an ongoing movement. Today’s episode offers encouragement, some playbook tactics, some real world examples, and something we all need right now -- hope.

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Listen to our episode from 2019, Paid Leave, We Can Do Better.

Information and Resources:

Where are the Mothers?” Read host Katherine Goldstein’s original reporting about how the women at the New York Times improved their parental leave.

Making the case for parental leave:

Read The NYTimes Parenting Section’s Guide to negotiating for parental leave:

Additional organizations that support family leave advocacy:

Get in touch with Erin Grau on LinkedIn, or email her at

Check out The Chamber of Mothers, and get involved.


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