This is Not Goodbye

This is Not Goodbye

The Double Shift podcast launched three years ago to share the real stories of motherhood in America, and radically explore the social forces that make being a mom so challenging.

We’ve brought you stories from inside brothels and a 24-hour childcare center; we’ve confronted capitalism, patriarchy, and the idealized myth of nuclear family; we opened up conversations about mental health and its stigma and amplified the voices of people often left out of conversations about motherhood; and we’ve gone deep on the experiences of moms and caregivers during the pandemic.

Along the way we’ve reframed the conversation about motherhood and built a community of folks who aren’t only listening, but also  supporting each other and taking action to make their communities better.

While the podcast in this format will be on indefinite hiatus, our work is just getting started. We’ll be investing time and energy into our free weekly newsletter, led by Katherine, about the forces that shape family life in America, filled with reporting and storytelling. Sign up here:

Consider joining The Double Shift member community, which is a social change laboratory for moms. Learn more here at

THANK YOU with our whole hearts for being part of The Double Shift.

In case you’d like to go down memory lane, here’s a playlist of some of our favorite episodes over the last 3 years.
Pre-order Angela’s book, Essential Labor, Mothering as Social Change.


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