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A newsletter about the forces that shape family life in America and challenging the status quo of motherhood. Written by Katherine Goldstein.

Your End of Roe Emotions

If you want a safe space to tell your story, rage, vent, share your loneliness, and fears, we are here for it. I can't assure you things will be OK. But I can assure you that you aren't alone.

If You Are Feeling Overwhelmed About Roe, Read This.

Here's a clear-eyed, actionable blueprint on living, resisting and helping in Post-Roe America.

Are You Thinking About Leaving America?

Cost of college and healthcare, abortion rights, our declining democracy and feeling that the US is not bolstering itself enough against climate change are all reasons relocating has crossed my mind.

Welcome to The Double Shift, Relaunched.

We're a newsletter and community that's a social change laboratory for moms.*

10 Things That Make My Life (a lil) Better

Nothing on this list is sponsored, it's just a wide range of things I really like.

The Single Mom Who's Giving Me a Flutter of Hope About Childcare

This parent-to-parent platform could be a gamechanger in bolstering our broken childcare system, and it was created by a mom with an astonishing life story.

I Can't Dig Deeper Right Now

It's not just about what happened in Texas. When do we admit the American Experiment is a failure?

“The side effect of purpose is joy.”

A compelling case for why we are headed into “The Corporatist States of America,” but paired with a little hope about how we keep going.

Can Mothering Unlock Radical Social Change?

I share some powerful insights from Angela's new book, Essential Labor that will speak to longtime fans of The Double Shift Podcast.