The Double Shift Newsletter

A newsletter about the forces that shape family life in America and challenging the status quo of motherhood. Written by Katherine Goldstein.

What’s the Best Thing You’ve Done for Yourself Lately? (Thread)

I’d love some inspirational stories of simple, fun, wild or luxurious items/experiences that are an expression of being kind to yourself.

Nine Things That Make My Life a (Lil) Better

No Reason Party, anyone?

What Kinds of Communities Do You Want Your Kids to Grow Up In? (Thread)

While I think it’s really important to have grown-up-centric ties, what community seeds are you all planting for your kids?

Community Connections Beyond the Kids’ Activities Trap

Why I sent my kid to a Socialist-Jewish sleepaway camp.

What’s the Best Thing You’ve Said “No” to Lately (Thread)

Saying no can be really hard, especially for people pleasers.

The Back-to-School Scaries

Our society is set up around the detached-from-reality assumption that there’s always a parent around to drop everything at a moment's notice.

How Do You Parent Gender? (Thread)

My biggest priority in challenging gender stereotypes for my boys is around caregiving and domestic work.

What The Trans Children Panic is Really About

I’m excited to share with you all a piece from Amanda Montei, author of the forthcoming book, Touched Out.

Your Parent’s Union Wish List (Thread)

If parents had a powerful political union that was lobbying up a storm and influencing state and federal policy, what would YOU want it to fight for?