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What’s the Most Desperate Thing You’ve Done to Secure Childcare? (Thread)

Normally, our Thursday thread is a perk for paying members of The Double Shift. Today I'm opening it up for commenting to all.

The Little-Known History of Your Desperate Summer Camp Struggle

Here we are in 2023 paying the literal price for Richard Nixon’s veto because he wanted to look tough on communists for the 1972 election.

How Do You Rest? (Thread)

How do you make and protect space for rest? What do you do to rest? How often do you rest?

What Is a “Sabbath” When You Are a Caregiver?

The idea of weekly Sabbath in Judeo-Christian traditions seems created by and for the benefit of men. A traditional Sabbath is predicated on the idea that “women’s work” is not labor at all.

Is “Default Parenting” Happening in Your Family? (Thread)

If you’ve worked on equal partnership, are there areas you think you still fall into ‘default’ patterns?

Treating “Default Parenting Syndrome” with Dr. Amber Thornton

How to identify and undo "default parenting"with Dr. Amber Thornton.

What Are You ALREADY Doing Differently This Year? (Thread)

I’d like YOU to reflect on what changes you are bringing into your life.

Three Things I’m Doing Differently This Year

I’m recognizing that time off of paid work is not the same as rest.

Do You Know (and Like) Your Neighbors? (Thread)

What kind of community intentionality do you bring to where you live? How have you invested in people in your neighborhood?