The Double Shift Newsletter

A newsletter about the forces that shape family life in America and challenging the status quo of motherhood. Written by Katherine Goldstein.

What it Takes to go Gallivanting When You Are a Middle-aged Mom

What does “bases covered'' look like to feel comfortable leaving three young kids at home for six nights and 5 days?

Challenging the Status Quo of Kids’ Birthday Parties

Let’s brainstorm some things we’d like to chuck about how kids’ birthday parties work, and share some ideas of how to make them better.


The Stereotype-Defying Things We’re Learning about Parents’ Brains

Turns out, so much of what we think of as maternal behavior is actually a basic human characteristic.

Community Building: Your Hits and Strikeouts (Thread)

We can have amazing long distance and virtual communities (like this one) but I think a lot of people are really craving those in-person interactions.

How Two American Myths Stop Us From Meaningful Friendships

Fears that our houses are too messy to have people over are rooted in our obsessions with self-sufficiency and constantly comparing ourselves to other moms. Letting this go can help us build community.

What Do YOU Want to Change About Public School?

What are your biggest pain points or things you wish were different?

Public Schools Need a Radical Rethink, Or They Are Toast 🍞

For the last three years, schools have been operating in “crisis mode.” We are now about to live with the results of what happens after an institution and its employees are put under extreme, sustained stress.

Your (Changing) Thoughts about Family Size

Families in America have dealt with SO MUCH turmoil in the last 2.5 years. How has what you have been through has impacted how many children you want to have?

Breaking the Spell of Capitalism

I’d like you to take an open-minded journey with me, as I’m led in conversation by Toi Smith, a black single mother to four boys and an anti-capitalist visionary.