The Double Shift Newsletter

A newsletter about the forces that shape family life in America and challenging the status quo of motherhood. Written by Katherine Goldstein.

Sometimes Building Community Sucks, But It’s Still Worth Doing

Today I’m turning the newsletter over to my husband, Travis Morrison. He shares my passion for community building, and is currently two-thirds of the way through a two-year term as President of our son’s elementary school PTA.

What Is Your Most Important Holiday Survival Tactic? (Thread)

The holidays can bring a lot of extra work to people, especially moms.

Some of the Books, Podcasts, and TV Shows I loved in 2022

I’m proud to say nothing on this list is sponsored and I get no affiliate link kickbacks, so you know all of my recommendations are 100% genuine.

How Do We Better Include Dads in the Parenting Ecosystem?

Did you never invite the one friendly dad at the playground to come to a birthday party because you thought asking for his number might seem.... flirtatious?

Changing Gender Dynamics at Home, One Lead Dad at a Time

“My wife is listed fourth on the emergency contact list. But sometimes the school will still call her. She’ll say, ‘why didn’t you call my husband, he’s the Kindergarten class parent?’”

What’s One Thing That Made Your Life (a lil) Better This Year?

To combat election-related malaise, I’d love to hear what has made YOUR life (a lil) better this year.

A Guide to Election-Related Self-Compassion

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence. It is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.”

What’s Your Outsourcing Fantasy?

Tell me the most glorious thing you can think of to outsource.

Healing the Gendered Shame of Outsourcing

Since so many women have strong feelings about paying others for domestic and care work, here’s my advice on ethical outsourcing.