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How Do YOU get YOUR Work Done? (Thread)

How Do YOU get YOUR Work Done?

How I Get My Work Done

Today I’m going to pull back the curtain on how I structure my time as a solopreneur.

What’s Your Biggest Personal Finance Thorn? (Thread)

What’s the biggest personal finance thorn between you and your partner? Do you have different habits around personal spending or different philosophies about debt?

How the Heck Do You Deal with Money After You Have Kids?

How do we start a conversation about making shared finances equitable?

What’s (one of) the Best Professional Decisions You’ve Ever Made? (Thread)

The best decision isn’t necessarily one that follows capitalist teachings or external views of “success.”

Media I’ve Loved This Year (So Far)

I’m taking a break from heavy thinking this week to share one book, one TV show, one movie, and one podcast I’ve loved so far this year.

Do You See The Culture of Care Changing Around you? (Thread)

I’d love to hear about signs large and small that you are noticing in your life.

Why Men with Power Are Starting to Care about The Childcare Crisis

Men with economic and political power have begun to realize that a lack of childcare is going to cost them, particularly in not having enough workers.

How Has the Pandemic Changed Your Relationship to Ambition? (Thread)

So many of us have gone through personal and professional upheaval in the last three years.