The Double Shift Newsletter

A newsletter about the forces that shape family life in America and challenging the status quo of motherhood. Written by Katherine Goldstein.

Your Worst Family “Vacation” Stories

More counterprogramming to your August Instagram feed.

The Case Against Family “Vacations”

A counterpoint to all of those Instagram-perfect trip photos you are seeing right now.

Your Equal Partnership Triumphs and Woes

Let’s have at it: What is your biggest pain point in making your relationship more equal?

Debunking Myths About Why Your Relationship is Unequal

“When men outearn women, they use that income as an excuse to do less at home. And when women outearn men, they just outsource work to other people and the men don't actually step up.”

Maybe It's Good to Notice When Mothers Are Gone?

What does it look like to make all of the paid and unpaid labor we do more visible, by visibly NOT doing it in advance?

Intensive Parenting: the 90s vs. Today

Members of this group had many types of upbringings. What are the experiences that you had growing up that seem wild by today’s standards?

“Cruise Director Parenting” and Other Phenomena to Reconsider

Why do experts so rarely consider the happiness of parents when issuing edicts on the "best" ways to raise children?

Your End of Roe Emotions

If you want a safe space to tell your story, rage, vent, share your loneliness, and fears, we are here for it. I can't assure you things will be OK. But I can assure you that you aren't alone.

If You Are Feeling Overwhelmed About Roe, Read This.

Here's a clear-eyed, actionable blueprint on living, resisting and helping in Post-Roe America.