ONA Resources

Articles referenced in the #ONAMotherhood talk

Where are the Mothers?” Read Katherine Goldstein’s original reporting about supporting and retaining mothers in newsrooms.

Paid Family Leave: We Can Do Better” Double Shift Season Finale about the women at the NYTimes advocating for better family leave.

Quit Telling Mothers They Need to Change” Newsletter about better supporting mothers in news by Katherine Goldstein in The Cohort.

The Journalism Industry Needs to Invest in Childcare, Especially for Conferences.

This Isn’t Another Horror Story About Black Motherhood.

The Special Misogyny Reserved for Mothers

Additional Resources:

The Economic Benefits of Paid Parental Leave.

How to Ask for Maternity or Paternity Leave When Your Company Has No Policy.

Paid Leave US is a national advocacy organization aimed at getting national paid family leave by 2022. Check out their FAQ, templates for getting better workplace policies and a cost benefit analysis resource.

A Better Balance has tons of resources on knowing your rights around family leave, pregnancy and more.