Media I’ve Loved This Year (So Far)

I’m taking a break from heavy thinking this week to share one book, one TV show, one movie, and one podcast I’ve loved so far this year.

Media I’ve Loved This Year (So Far)
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I’m taking a break from heavy thinking this week to share one book, one TV show, one movie, and one podcast I’ve loved so far this year. These choices are not shiny 2023 releases, but they are new to me. Most people who read this newsletter are parents, and let’s be honest, it’s hard to keep up on the latest Oscar winners while raising humans. I’m aiming these picks to be interesting and engaging but not too dark. We have the news for nightmare-fueling content needs. 🙂

Book: The Golden State by Lydia Kiesling. This is the kind of novel where you feel like you are in a relationship with the characters and it’s a force in your life as you are reading it. The stunning realness of Daphne, the book’s protagonist, as she navigates disorientation around new motherhood paired with an identity crisis and slow breakdown is both relatable and revelatory. But this book isn’t in the vein of Very Dark Portraits of Motherhood, a genre gaining traction right now. It’s funny and complex and just a pleasure to spend time with. This one came out in 2018, and I’m excited for Kiesling’s next book coming out in October.

Podcast: Death of an Artist is from Pushkin Industries and hosted by Helen Molesworth. This limited series was recommended by Double Shift member Anna in one of our members-only threads. I binged this story that examines if the famous sculptor Carl Andre was involved in the death of his up-and-coming artist wife Ana Mendieta in 1985. I know very little about the art world and I found this investigation fascinating. It’s not simply “true crime," but weaves in many feminist perspectives, explores if we can separate art from the biography of its creator and investigates the special treatment we give to men who are deemed “geniuses.” I also enjoyed learning about the meaningful artistic legacy of Ana Mendieta, and the space she occupied in a field dominated by white men.

Documentary: Won’t You Be My Neighbor? I missed the 2018 Mr. Rogers boat and did not fully appreciate what a tremendous cultural impact he had until I watched this film. What I especially loved was understanding that Fred Rogers was actually a radical behind his puppets, introducing mainstream America to new-to-the-time concepts that children’s development and emotional lives were worthy of attention and respect. He promoted integration and peace, and didn’t shy away from engaging children in some of life’s toughest lessons around death and national tragedy. This doc is a good one!

TV Show: I started watching The Flight Attendant on HBO Max somewhat randomly, but this series of hijinks, espionage, and some whodunits is the perfect engaging escape. There is some murder and violence but it’s not graphic or too stressful and there’s plenty of dark comedy featuring a hot-mess protagonist and supporting characters played by Zosia Mamet and Rosie Perez. Only downside is most episodes end on a cliffhanger that encourages you to keep watching when you should be in bed.

Bonus Rec for Kids: If you have a video game obsessed elementary kid like me, I have a game I actually recommend. It’s called Untitled Goose. It features gentle classical music, and your character is a goose. Your tasks are things like moving a picnic to the lake or getting a gardener to turn on a hose. There are no fighting or races, and it’s less expensive than many name brand games. It’s actually pleasant to have on in the background, and my toddlers are wildly engaged watching their older brother play. It’s on computers, Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PlayStation 4.

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