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The Double Shift is a reported, narrative podcast about a new generation of working mothers.

It’s not about parenting or kids, but the real, three-dimensional stories of moms who work — from the campaign trail to the legal brothels of Nevada and everywhere in between.

Host Katherine Goldstein is an award-winning journalist and mother. “On The Double Shift,” she says, “we’re talking to women who are challenging the world we see around us, not conforming to it.”



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Latest Episode


Paid Family lEAVE: We can do better

Season 1 | Episode 10 | 06.03.19 | 34 min

The paid family leave situation in America is so bad, mothers are conditioned to think that we’re “lucky” to get ANY time off at all to care for a new baby or adopted child. Erin Grau was a New York Times employee who wasn’t satisfied with “good enough” parental leave. So, along with a determined group of women, she fought to make it better for everyone at her company.



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Katherine Goldstein

Creator and Host

An award-winning journalist and media entrepreneur, Katherine Goldstein has been extensively quoted as an expert in issues facing working mothers in the NYTimes, Washington Post, The Atlantic, and on WNYC and NPR. She has a track record for conversation-setting work, such as the viral New York Times op-ed, “The Open Secret of Anti-Mom Bias in the Workplace,” American Moms: Let’s Stop Feeling Guilty and Start Getting Mad” and “Where are the Mothers?

She’s also the creator of The F*ck Mom Guilt World Tour, which promotes and discusses themes from the show, with successful, sold out events in NYC, Durham, NC, and the Bay Area.

Goldstein’s literary agent is Leigh Eisenman at Mackenzie Wolf. And she runs Double Shift Productions as an independent journalism company out of Durham, N.C., where she lives with her husband and her four-year-old son.

She also speaks about issues facing working mothers at conferences, events, and to corporate and institutional groups.

Season 2 is currently in production and is out November 11th, 2019.



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