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The Double Shift
A podcast about a new generation of working moms.

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The Double Shift is a reported, narrative podcast about a new generation of working mothers.

It’s not about parenting or kids, but the real, three-dimensional stories of moms who work — from the campaign trail to the legal brothels of Nevada and everywhere in between.

Host Katherine Goldstein is an award-winning journalist and mother. “On The Double Shift,” she says, “we’re talking to women who are challenging the world we see around us, not conforming to it.”



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Latest Episode


The Candidate Who Carpools

Season 1 | Episode 03 | 03.11.19 | 25 min

Ashton Clemmons didn't think the voice of mothers was well represented in her state government in North Carolina. So in 2018, she became one of the unprecedented number of women running for office. This intimate audio documentary goes far beyond the smiling photo-ops and gives a very real look at what it's like to be a candidate with three little kids.


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Katherine Goldstein


Katherine Goldstein, the creator and host of The Double Shift podcast, runs Double Shift Productions as an independent journalism company. An award-winning journalist and 2017 Nieman Fellow at Harvard University, Katherine is an expert on working mothers. Her track record for conversation-setting work includes the viral New York Times op-ed, “The Open Secret of Anti-Mom Bias in the Workplace,” “I was a Sheryl Sandberg superfan, Then her “Lean In” advice failed me” and “Where are the Mothers?” Katherine lives in Durham, N.C., and is the mother to a three-year-old son.

Read her latest article in The Guardian, “American Moms: Let’s Stop Feeling Guilty and Start Getting Mad.



“The mission and inspiration for this podcast is critically important for all women. I’m grateful this conversation is happening!”

“I loved listening to a lady punk rock rabbi mama describe her ‘non-negotiables’ for hope and home.”

“This is exactly the type of podcast we need right now. Stories about women told by women.”

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