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Katherine Goldstein is a journalist who writes on mothers, caregivers and gender equity for the NYTimes, Harvard Business Review, TIME, WashPost, Vox, and more. She’s a Care Reporting Fellow for the Better Life Lab at New America, where she wrote A Playbook to Transform How America Cares on how the "care movement" can capitalize on the post-pandemic moment to push for large-scale social change in how our society values care. Katherine is a former Harvard Nieman Journalism fellow and the creator of The Double Shift newsletter, podcast and community. She is also a corporate speaker and consultant for companies looking to better support caregivers at work.

She lives in Durham, NC with her husband and three young children, including pandemic twins.

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"Katherine Goldstein has done America's best research on working mothers."

- Author Hanna Rosin

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Katherine Goldstein is on a mission to make society and workplaces more equitable for moms and caregivers. Throughout her 20s, Katherine Goldstein was an “all-in on Lean-in” corporate feminist, climbing the ladder at exciting New York media companies as an editor and digital strategist, holding leadership positions at HuffPost, Slate and Condé Nast. But at 32, she found herself as a new mom without a job and with a 6-month-old with health problems, convinced she was a failure and that “everyone else had this working mom thing figured out except for me.”

As a Harvard Nieman Journalism fellow, she turned her journalistic eye toward why so many working moms feel like failures and the social and economic forces that make motherhood in America so difficult. Her research and reporting has been supported by The Ford Foundation, The Better Life Lab at New America, and The Economic Hardship Reporting Project. Her report with The Better Life Lab was published the fall of 2023 titled A Playbook to Transform How America Cares, emphasizes the care movement's winning tactics, lessons, and case studies from the pandemic era and beyond. She’s been an instructor at The Harvard Extension School and her work has been republished in Oxford University Press college textbooks. She has been featured in the books Unicorn Space by Eve Rodsky (2021) and Bootstrapped: Liberating Ourselves from the American Dream by Alissa Quart (2022.)

The ideas she brings to her speeches on moms and caregivers at work have been published in the NYTimes, TIME, WashPost, Vox, the Guardian and more.

Her perspective has been featured in the NYTimes, the Atlantic, WashPost, Yahoo News, Fast Company, Good Morning America, and NPR’s All Things Considered.

Katherine is also the creator of The Double Shift podcast, a storytelling show featuring diverse moms who work everywhere from brothels to boardrooms, which ranked in the top 2% of downloads for all podcasts. The show has been a featured pick in Stitcher, Spotify and Apple. She writes a fast-growing weekly newsletter with an over 65% open rate, and has created a community of over 500 paying members, which is a laboratory for moms interested in social change.

She’s currently a 2022 Care Reporting Fellow for the Better Lab at the New America Foundation working on a report about the state of the care movement in The US.

She lives in Durham, NC with her husband and three young children, including pandemic twins.

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