About me


Creator & CEO, The Double Shift

Katherine Goldstein is an award-winning journalist and media entrepreneur. Katherine is extensively quoted as an expert in issues facing women and caregivers in the NYTimes, Washington Post, The Atlantic, and on WNYC and NPR. She has a track record for conversation-setting work, such as the viral New York Times op-ed, “The Open Secret of Anti-Mom Bias in the Workplace,” “American Moms: Let’s Stop Feeling Guilty and Start Getting Mad”Stop Saying Mothers ‘Dropped Out’ of the Workforce. We Were Pushed,” and “It’s Time to Retire the Phrase, ‘Working Mom.’” She speaks to corporate, non-profit and institutional groups on issues around gender equity, the future of work, caregiving and rebuilding just workplaces and societies in the wake of the pandemic. She worked in leadership roles at HuffPost, Slate and Condé Nast and is a Harvard Nieman Fellow, ‘17. She runs Double Shift Media from Durham, NC, where she lives with her husband, 6 year-old and twin toddlers.

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