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We are a newsletter and community that's a social change laboratory for moms.*

Our weekly newsletter is focused on examining the forces that shape family life in America, and ways to challenge the status quo of motherhood. Expect storytelling, bold ideas, and ways to envision a better future for all.

*While we often center mothers in our work, everyone who cares about care is welcome, regardless of gender identity or parental status.

Katherine Goldstein, Journalist, Speaker, Consultant & Creator of The Double Shift


Most media aimed at moms tries to convince us that we are one app, one workshop, one lunch packaging strategy, and one self-help hardcover away from "making it all work" and "having it all." The core belief is that what's difficult about being a mother in the 21st century can be fixed with personal micro-solutions.

We believe the opposite. We are interested in systemic solutions to personal problems, because there's nothing wrong with us moms. What is broken is our society. And together, we can start to make more meaningful connections, explore big ideas and start to make in-roads to make a more just world for everyone.

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Solidarity — not advice
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Your paying membership allows this to be one of the very-few non-corporate spaces left on the internet. We believe in revolution, not revenue projections.

Our membership community is for building connections around political, social and workplace change, transforming families and building a more just future for everyone.

Even if you don't have bandwidth for "activism" or "big projects," come for solidarity and inspiration. You are already enough. Come to know that you are not alone.

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Member Testimonials

My interracial, Jewish, queer, two-mom, two-daughter family feels very much under threat right now from every direction and your work gives me hope that we may overcome these threats and build a stable, secure future for everyone.
Nothing has transformed my experience more since having a child than being a part of this community.
-Lana D.
It just feels good to know there's other awesome moms out there and just kicking ass and trying to make change and create community.
- Sarah
I became a member of The Double Shift because it is a platform that validated my struggles. It educated me as I took in the experiences of others and gave me the language to articulate what I had been feeling and experiencing about gendered burdens, unrealistic expectations, and the sheer exhaustion of working life’s double shift, even with the most loving life partner. It has IMPACT.