So, how's YOUR fall going? 😳😩

Has the fall not gone exactly how you dreamed it would go, back in say, the heady days of Hot Vax Summer, long ago in June? Yeah, me neither. And I’ve been feeling it.

So, how's YOUR fall going? 😳😩
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Double Shifters,

Has the fall not gone exactly how you dreamed it would go, back in say, the heady days of Hot Vax Summer, long ago in June? Yeah, me neither. And I’ve been feeling it. 

The last month or so for me has been all about recalibration -- recalibrating my delta anxieties, my twin toddler anxieties, recalibrating how realistic it is to expect myself to be prolific and productive and focused going into month 19 of this pandemic and all of its collective trauma. I’m recalibrating to optimism with the welcome news that vaccines could be coming for 5-11s in October, and then I’m recalibrating again, knowing how many times I’ve felt like we were finally turning a corner on this pandemic... only for it to not quite come. All of this means we’ve also done some soul searching and have recalibrated some of our plans for the show this fall. 

We’ll be back, October 13th, with part one of a personal two part series of audio diaries I started making at the beginning of the pandemic, quarantining with my then newborn twins and 4 year old. Angela and I will unpack some of what we’ve been through over this last year and a half and discuss why this audio from over a year ago still feels so resonant. I hope it helps meet this moment of recalibration. Be sure you are subscribed so you don’t miss it. 

And on October 15th at 2pm EST, we’ll be hosting a members-only zoom. We started these in July, and they are going so great, we are going to KEEP DOING THEM MONTHLY! Next up we will talk with some Double Shift members who are working to make meaningful change in their communities -- one within her faith community and one who’s organizing for better family policies at the state level. These member zooms have been a highlight of my summer. Being around you all virtually is sparkly and energizing -- and you all have joined us from Japan to Iowa. If you need to be around some feminist moms who “get it,” C’mon, and get yourself in here! Become a member to join this and other future hangouts, along with supporting the show-- which we count on. It starts at $5/mo. We’ll send login details to members closer to the date.

Y'all know there's a nationwide march for abortion justice led by The Women's March, this Saturday, Oct 2nd? I'll be there in Durham with my tape recorder, say hi if you see me. Also, we’re working on a show about moms and reproductive justice, and we want to hear YOUR stories.  Did you know that 59% of women who get abortions already have at least 1 child? If you had an abortion after you had a live birth, we’d love to hear your story. Tell us what went into the decision, your experience with the procedure and what your thoughts are about it now. Send us an email or a voice memo to and we may include your story in an upcoming show. 

Til soon,


My Latest: Last week I co-wrote an article with host of Under The Influence, Jo Piazza on why we need to retire the phrase “working mother.” We stopped using it as the tagline of this show about a year ago. Here’s an excerpt: “If the old “mommy wars” pitted working mothers against the “stay-at-home” kind, then the new mommy war should be mothers banding together against an indifferent government and the forces of capitalism that seek to economically marginalize all of us.”

Thanks: to Double Shift member Eva Dienel for this incredibly thoughtful profile on why The Double Shift is is an important and ultimately a radical idea. 

What I’m listening to: The Just Enough Family is about the meteoric rise and dramatic fall of The Steinbergs, once one of America’s richest families. It has great storytelling, motherhood themes (The daughter is iconic maternity fashion designer Liz Lange) and dishy, over the top rich people stories. I’m INTO it. 

What I’m reading: A Minute to Think: Reclaim Creativity, Conquer Busyness, and Do Your Best Work by Juliet Funt. I’m not huge on advice books, but this one is full of wisdom and delivers. It is allowing me to reclaim some time and creativity and stillness. I’ve gotten my husband to read it and have recommended it to friends.


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