Caring for Each Other Is Political

Caring for Each Other Is Political

“If we survive this, and I think we’re going to survive, it’s not because anyone came to save us. It’s because we helped each other.”

Author Dani McClain is an unpartnered parent to a 4 year-old. She has spent years researching and reporting on networks of support around raising children in community, grounded in the experience of Black mothers. Dani, Katherine and Angela have an honest, probing, and at times hilarious, conversation about what it means to create community and connect through collective activism during an era of isolation and division.

This is an episode about surviving uncertainty, tapping into resilience and finding hope.

Dani is the author of “We Live for The We: The Political Power of Black Motherhood.”

Read Dani’s friend William Winters’ guide to creating pod, co-authored with Jeremy Adam Smith.

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