Pro-Mother, Pro-Abortion

Here at the Double Shift, we love to dismantle stigma through storytelling. So our guest this episode, Kenya Martin (aka "Abortion Diva"), speaks to our souls. Kenya is a former abortion clinic counselor in Texas, current activist, and a mom, who shed the shame she felt about her own abortions and became "loud and proud" about them to help other people feel less alone.

As we grapple with Texas’ new abortion restriction law, and the looming Supreme Court decisions that could force more people into parenthood, Kenya talks about how reproductive freedom and economic justice are inherently intertwined, how abortion providers save lives, and her belief that any reason is a good reason to have an abortion.

Angela and Katherine also share their own reproductive health experiences and why they've both become even more pro-abortion since becoming mothers. And, we hear from a listener -- on the cusp of becoming part of the 59% of abortion patients that have already had at least one child -- about how the challenges of parenting in the US are impacting her abortion decision.

Angela recommends the book, Reproductive justice by Loretta Ross and Ricky Salinger.

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