A selection of outlets Katherine Goldstein and The Double Shift have been featured on.

"Katherine Goldstein has done America's best research on working mothers."

- Hanna Rosin, author and host of NPR’s Invisibilia, and co-host of The Waves.

“Working while parenting is something we're thinking a lot about on the team right now. If you are too, try The Double Shift, a new show about working moms, and how they are (and aren't) supported by their workplaces and our larger social safety net. We really like a recent episode of theirs about moms who work in legal brothels in Nevada, and how to handle maternity leave when you're a sex worker.”

— Death, Sex, and Money Newsletter: Audio We Love

“Goldstein bravely shares her personal struggle with the collision of motherhood, working, and simply being a human. Her emotional journey is one that many women experience, yet few feel comfortable to talk about even with their closest friends, leading to isolation in times when support is so critical. This was a beautiful, real-time journal. Hugs to you, Katherine, and solidarity to all moms, working for pay or not, in the world: you’re not alone.”

Audible Feast Best Podcasts of the Week selects Episode 6, “On Not Having It All.”

“Each episode cover real stories of working mums and not the cookiecutter vanilla 'how does she do it?' style narratives we are used to hearing. “

— Podcasts to Lighten the Parenting Load (New Zealand)