"Katherine Goldstein has done America's best research on working mothers."

- Hanna Rosin, author and host of NPR’s Invisibilia, and co-host of The Waves.

“In this departure from the usual storytelling for The Double Shift, host Katherine Goldstein shares her own story about working as a mother. Spoiler alert: reporting on it doesn’t make it easier. Goldstein shares the ups and downs of raising her show along with raising a family, but luckily for us, her openness and transparency demonstrates her incredible prowess while sharing and examining the hard stuff in touching and poignant narrative form.”

Bello Collective names The Double Shift a Top Podcast of 2019

— Death, Sex, and Money Newsletter: Audio We Love

“Each episode cover real stories of working mums and not the cookiecutter vanilla 'how does she do it?' style narratives we are used to hearing. “

— Podcasts to Lighten the Parenting Load (New Zealand)

The Double Shift has been named a best podcast of 2019 by Bello Collective and a best podcast of 2019 by Audible Feast.

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