Operation Save Abortion

July 17

Operation Save Abortion

Operation Save Abortion: On Sunday July 17th 11am EST/ 8AM PST
Co-sponsored by an all-star list of repo rights orgs, this looks like a great event virtual event, inviting us to host house parties: "Stock the fridge, gather your friends because you’re gonna throw an activist house party! You provide the snacks and OPERATION SAVE ABORTION will provide EVERYTHING ELSE you need to get your activist on!

Here’s the deal: Sunday, July 17th, the coolest abortion activists and experts from around the country are gathering for a supercharged all-day training experience that will be livestreamed into YOUR living room, to guide you and your posse toward all the different ways you can join this fight. RSVP Here."

I am organizing a Raleigh/Durham/Triangle area event at the and I'd love it if you'd join me. I also need co-organizers. RSVP/interest form here. Also looking into helping provide childcare!

If you are a Double Shift member in another city and want to host and invite other members, LMK and I'll spread the word! Let’s be in local community, y’all!


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