The Candidate Who Carpools

The Candidate Who Carpools

Ashton Clemmons didn't think the voice of mothers was well represented in her state government in North Carolina. So in 2018, she became one of the unprecedented number of women running for office. This intimate audio documentary goes far beyond the smiling photo-ops and gives a very real look at what it's like to be a candidate with three little kids.


“Running for office is very publicly vulnerable in a way I don't like to be.  To put yourself out there where you know how critical people are of politicians -- but the vast majority of people you're spending time with -- they're making a decision about you in about five seconds, right? And so that's pretty risky.“ —Ashton Clemmons

“So every mom I know is stressed about being a good mom. No mom -- no mom is sitting there like, “I got this. I've got all of this.” You know -- but that's how -- that's how we feel we have to portray ourselves. So I think society, historically -- all of those things have created this pressure to feel that way.” Ashton Clemmons

Women who are standing in front of a room making their case for why they deserve to be elected and and potential voters are raising their hands and saying, “But who's going to raise your children?” And that's just not a question that male candidates typically get.” -- Julie McClain Downey, Emily’s List

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