"Good Moms" and the COVID Vaccine

"Good Moms" and the COVID Vaccine

COVID vaccinations for five to 11 year olds are here, and for so many parents and caregivers this moment could not have come soon enough.  Others are taking a wait-and-see approach, including many moms who are vaccinated themselves but may feel anxiety about the COVID vaccine when it comes to their kids... and they don't necessarily have access to a doctor or health care worker who can help them sort through the information -- and emotion -- overload that dovetails with socially imposed expectations on what it means to be a “good mom.”

Katherine has got you covered. She talks with her great friend AND trusted advisor, board certified family physician Dr. Liz Baltaro, about the science on kids and the COVID vaccine, and about the swirling vortex of “vaccine anxiety:” The worry many moms feel when making these weighty decisions about their children’s safety. Dr. Liz fields questions from you, our listeners, and brings calm to the chaos. Even if you are on board with getting your kids the shot, this episode may answer some important, lingering questions you have and will help you better understand those in your life who aren’t quite sold.

Some Helpful Resources:

Pfizer study on vaccines for ages 5-11 measures vaccines ability to neutralize antibody responses

The risk of myocarditis is higher from COVID than from the COVID vaccine --The New England Journal of Medicine

The official CDC guidance on vaccines for kids and teens

American Academy of Pediatrics FAQs of the COVID Vaccine

Answers to your Questions About the COVID Vaccine and Kids -- NYTimes

Research cited in this episode was based on information available as of October 2021. Research on the impact of the covid vaccine on children is being updated regularly -- check the CDC web page for children and teens for the most recent information on vaccine safety and effectiveness.


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