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Returnity Project Feature Story: Journalist Katherine Goldstein

Q and A with Katherine Goldstein at The Returnity Project — February 4, 2019

“Start reading through articles about working mothers written by Katherine Goldstein, and if you're like us, you'll come up for air an hour later not knowing what hit you. Katherine is a powerhouse journalist who personally had a difficult return to work from maternity leave. This experience has motivated much of her reporting on mothers in the workplace.”

The End of Leaning In: How Sheryl Sandberg’s Message of Empowerment Fully Unraveled

Interview of Katherine Goldstein in The Washington Post — December 20, 2018

"I’m really hoping that the post-Lean In moment is really an awakening to women and mothers, to our shared struggle of discrimination in the workplace...”

'It's Not Always Enough To Lean In': Michelle Obama, Sheryl Sandberg And The Workplace

Interview of Katherine Goldstein on WBUR's On Point – December 13, 2018

“We can give ourselves the tools and understand the value of speaking up for ourselves, but a lot of times when that’s not enough, it has led women to internalize their own discrimination and say, ‘I must’ve not done this right.’”

'Posing Modernity,' Is Leaning In a Fallacy?

Interview of Katherine Goldstein on WNYC's All of It — December 12, 2018

“The problems facing working mothers go so beyond getting pregnancy parking. And what 'Lean In' doesn't address at all is [the fact that] if you have a baby between the ages of 25 and 35, which are your prime childbearing years, your earnings never recover. For every child a woman has, her earnings drop, and for men, they actually get a 6% bonus.”

Lean In's Sheryl Sandberg Problem

Interview of Katherine Goldstein in The New York Times — December 7, 2018

“I no longer ascribe to her view of corporate feminism as a heroic thing. Its inherent message is that corporations and workplaces are basically benevolent and good.”

I was a Sheryl Sandberg Superfan. Then her Lean In Advice Failed Me.

Article by Katherine Goldstein in — December 6, 2018

“I believe telling mothers to raise their hands and try harder in the open sea of hostility we face in the workplace is like handing a rubber ducky to someone hit by a tsunami. “

The Open Secret of Anti-Mom Bias at Work

Op-ed by Katherine Goldstein in The New York Times — May 16, 2018

"We’re witnessing a flood of stories condemning gender discrimination in the workplace. But bias against mothers remains casual and unapologetic."

Why speaking up about my miscarriage is an important part of the fight for reproductive rights

Article by Katherine Goldstein in The Lily —  August 7, 2018

"This silence has an unexplored, urgent political cost."